We are in Washington now and have passed through Seattle staying only one night and managed to stop and see Mt St Helen’s that same day too; they have a terrific visitor center right off I-5 with a perfect view of the mountain.

I find Seattle nestled in trees and if anything were to sway my affections it would be trees, but like Austin, Seattle sprawls onward into Everett and south to Tacoma and is too big for me. I might consider a town east of Seattle if I could find one that was not too big and not too small. I am like Goldie Locks the home seeker!

Bellingham is lovely, but I much preferred the Skagit Valley where I was fortunate once again to be allowed to video a new place— Sakuma Brothers Farm. We also drove Chuckanut Drive along the Samish Bay and it was exquisite.

Sakuma Brothers Farm

Reflecting on Tami’s interview and tour of the farm, I realized that maintaining family owned farms is a community effort. Sakuma Brothers has been successful for two reasons: one, they diversified their crops and continue to try new things and two, their investment into outreach has created a personal connection to the family and the crops they grow. It’s not enough to know where your food comes from— you to also know your farmer.

Integrating family owned farms into a community landscape to provide locally grown food is the future of all rural and urban areas in the United States. We have to quit shipping food 3000 miles because it has ceased to become cost-effective or environmentally solvent. This farm is an example of a local food source that is known and appreciated.

Sakuma Brother’s Market Stand

We filmed Mt Vernon, Bellingham & Fairhaven a few days ago and then went on to relax in the Cascades. I have a video of those three cities to put together and another one I’m making of Hwy 2, plus some footage of Eagle Creek Ranch. We should have a break tomorrow night and I might have them ready to upload by then. We are leaving Washington soon and I wish I had more time, but funds are getting tighter and we will have to return to Austin some time in the next three weeks.

Below are clips from Bellingham & Fairhaven which proved to be extremely difficult for me until the very end when a lovely lady named Cindy (sp?) agreed to speak with me. Prior to that I had been shut down by three people. A first for me. My ego took a beating with three straight rejections.

Bellingham & Fairhaven

We also visited Mt Vernon and I shot some video there. I liked Mt Vernon and it seemed friendly and engaging. Thanks to Ruth & David for telling me to be sure to stop there and take a look around.

Mt Vernon WA, Skagit Valley

Last but not least, I have a video of Hwy 2 in Washington that took several days and many clips to put together and it may be a while before I have it ready. This whole trip has had a few blips here and there— equipment issues — either camping or lack of WIFI or electricity for my computer and video camera which slow things down for processing. The slowness has been good since I usually have an extremely busy schedule. We stayed in the KOA around Leavenworth for about three days and explored the area. I was just happy to be camped next to the Wenatchee River and slept soundly each night as it flowed past us below. I met a friend here at this location and that chance encounter reinforced my decision to make the trip. It had a very serendipitous feeling to it & I never looked back after that.

Hwy 2 Road Trip Central WA: A wild ride through beautiful mountain country along the Wenatchee & Columbia Rivers

This final movie is from Eagle Creek Ranch near Leavenworth, WA. We met a lovely couple Michael and Susan who operated this horseback riding outfit. It was a very special trip for Astra as she loves animals, especially dogs and horses.

Eagle Creek Ranch Trail Ride

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