Astra and the Mountain Goats

As we left Cripple Creek… I found out the universe has a sense of humor

We left Colorado rather exhausted and in my return to Austin I finished editing all the video and wrapping up the blog; however I forgot to include a small remarkable event.

Astra and I packed up the last morning and I was grateful for some cool weather before dawn since mid-July around the Colorado Springs area brought some high temperatures. We drove down the track towards the main road out of the Cripple Creek KOA and I told Astra that we were lucky to have been able to take the trip. She was less than enthusiastic. My daughter is not known for her pleasant morning temperament. I reminded her that she had seen an amazing assortment of wildlife on our travels and that alone was an incredible experience.

She agreed for a moment but then piped up about never seeing any mountain goats. I told Astra that she was lucky to have seen all the animals that we were fortunate to encounter and that the universe does not grant your every wish, nor should you expect it to.

We started our descent into the next town, Divide and about four minutes after we pulled out I hit the brakes because there was a small group of cattle on the road in the shadow of the mountain. As we inched closer, I realized these shaggy cattle were mountain goats shedding winter coats. Astra was elated. I rolled down the windows and the goats were around the car for a moment and the bounded up the side of the mountain in great vertical leaps. I was breathless, feeling like a perfect ass. Astra was in the back seat yelling, “See mommy!”

And I could see, too. I had just not four minutes before uttered a statement to assure my daughter that she was lucky and not all things come to you because, well as adults we have moments of disappointment. I laughed, shrugged and drove on towards Divide. I guess I was wrong and you can get everything you wish for; perhaps not exactly when you want, but no reason not to keep wishing.

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