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Sher Stultz currently lives in Austin, TX with her daughter Astra and Stella, Astra’s five year old dog. Great Blue Wanderers is the blogumentary of their quest to find a new home and the people and and adventures they encountered along the way.

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  1. Sonya Says:

    GLAD I found you, girl! And weird timing, too, because I’m contemplating a move myself from somewhere I “haven’t considered home” for 15 years. I hope you’ll keep posting. I need to update my own blog seriously.

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you! We are headed up to N CA this afternoon for some exploration. Can you join my GBW facebook? That is where all the videos and updates will be posted. I do have some footage to edit and put together from Capitola, Swanton, & Sonoma CA.

  3. Ruth Lyons Says:


    I’ve written this message twice before, and both times lost them! !@#$%^&*()_+$#%@!!!

    They were long and detailed and descriptive. Heck.

    The second time I lost the message because I was trying to add a contest-winning (twice) photo I’d taken of a Great Blue, here.

    This time I’m just going to say, please come to beautiful Bellingham, WA which is as about as far north as you can go before bumping into Canada.

    I think the area is the most beautiful part of the continent. And Bellingham is a fabulous small college town.

    Let me know if you’re anywhere near. And thanks to David Sunfellow for the information.

    Ruth Lyons

  4. Sher Stultz Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Just received your message. I am in Seattle and will arrive in Bellingham tomorrow afternoon. Email me —

    sher@greatbluewanderers.com if you want to meet up! BTW have child and dog in tow, both of whom are always happy to walk somewhere…


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